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Partnerships & Collaborations

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Earth Charter Indiana

ECI's focus is on intergenerational action and education in the face of our climate crisis, what we can do to mitigate the crisis, and how we can adapt with dignity and resilience.



Terreverie is a proud member of the revolution against fast fashion, which is the current reigning model of the clothing production industry. Terreverie's vision is to help you transform your wardrobe into the sustainable fashion trailblazer’s ideal: a smaller collection of high-quality, versatile, timeless garments mixed with statement pieces that you truly love.

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Teach Climate

Teach Climate is a Climate Literacy Toolkit for K-12 teachers. We have curated a list of high-quality, user-friendly lessons, units, activities, videos, and more to help teachers with discussing the climate crisis in the classroom.


Conscious Living Community

The CLC is a community conscious of sustainable and ethical living focused on taking both individual and collective action toward a more sustainable and just world.

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