Getting Started With Zero Waste

I started my journey to zero waste in January of 2018 when I started thinking about how wasteful I had become. When I was in high school I was super interested in recycling and would get on people constantly for littering.Then I got to college where I lived in a dorm and felt like sustainability just flat out wasn’t realistic. I didn’t have my car there, so I didn’t have options of going to a particular grocery store + I was broke as a joke and dealing with my first ever wave of depression.

I got to the point where I would throw things away that could probably be recycled because I was so angry with the system.


Why is it on us?! Shouldn’t the producers of plastic take on some responsibility?

Can’t they make this recycling thing a little easier?

It shouldn’t be so confusing! What can be recycled & what can’t?!

Why did we used to separate everything, but now it can all go together?!

How can I be expected to be responsible for the waste I produce when I financially can’t afford to nor did I have the time, energy, or car to go out of my way to explore it >.<

Now that I’m not a student anymore I have been able to spend much more time on sustainability, but I know that not everyone has this luxury or interest to dedicate towards environmentalism. Which is exactly why I have created this blog - I’m just hoping to track the work I am doing in hopes that it makes someone else’s journey a little easier.