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So, what's this all about?

Planet-Jordan is a space for open dialogue on real issues and experiences, it allows people to connect and discuss the climate crisis, because alone this can be overwhelming. We have strength in unity. Everyone should know and better understand what is happening. The climate crisis is very real and we all can make effective change together.Science shows we must reach zero emissions in the next 7 years, but our government continues to rollback environmental law. 

The planet has proven it will fight back. Natural disasters are worse than they have ever been and we have people that want to act like these things don't correlate. This is about changing law. About changing companies both big and small. Changing entire industries. Changing expectation.

Humans think themselves the most important of all species? Why would the smartest species to exist be knowledgeable about how to prevent the loss of entire species, yet continue to allow the rate of extinction to increase 1000x higher than the natural rate? 


We’re taking off our goggles and starting to look at the world for what it really is. Time to wake up. Pay attention. This is our time, our chance, our moment.


Let’s make this world a better place, together.




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