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Municipal Programs

PJDSN is a proud supporter of Earth Charter Indiana (ECI), a nonprofit corporation (501C3), which proclaims fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the twenty-first century.


Resilient Pike is a group of volunteers committed to helping Pike face future challenges from a changing climate and a changing world. We are a diverse group and in our ranks are government officials, students, clergy, and business and civil leaders. We are an arm of Earth Charter Indiana.


Resilient Indiana emphasizes youth-led initiatives to work with engineers, planners, and elected officials to adopt Climate Recovery Resolutions at a local level. Starting in 2017, three Indiana cities passed Climate Recovery Resolutions: Carmel, Lawrence and Indianapolis. To date, seven cities have now passed youth-led climate resolutions, including, Goshen, South Bend, West Lafayette, and Bloomington. For more, see our Youth Power Indiana page.


The Climate Leadership Summit is our annual, statewide conference specially designed for mayors, city leaders, and community partners to discuss how to prepare for the changing climate. We focus on mitigation and adaptation through green jobs, renewable energy, public health, sustainable food, water conservation, communication, and youth engagement, among many other important topics. We celebrate the progress Indiana communities have already achieved and give cities the opportunity to share best practices.

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